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International Conference Hall

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Modern Building 5th Floor

International Conference Hall

The International Conference Hall can hold 120 people. The floor-to-ceiling windows are designed to overlook the mountains. You can enjoy the beauty of nature while working.

Quotation for Each Meeting Room:

Number of halls Space Capacity Sessions Rent
International Conference Hall 133 Ping 120 people 4 hours NT 20000
Hall A 43 Ping 30 people 4 hours NT 8000
Hall B 22 Ping 30 people 4 hours NT 8000
Hall C 22 Ping 30 people 4 hours NT 8000

※ Providing Free Bottle Water (one bottle for each person), Projector, and Screen
※ If you need refreshments, please make another quotation according to your budget
※ The total quotation needs to plus 10% as service charge.


1. Group travelers can call us for customized shuttle service.
2. The shuttle bus will stop at the Alishan Bus Station and the Alishan Visitor Center.
3. Thick coat might be necessary because the temperature on the mountain is lower 6~12 Celsius degrees than in the plain.
4. In order to maintain the quality of the accommodation and the rights of all guests, pets are not allowed to enter. Transgressors will be asked to leave immediately without refund.
※ Provide Free WIFI※

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