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Every Alishan Person Has His Own Alishan

Standing silently among the vast forests, Alishan House has witnessed the rise and fall of Forest Railway and Forest Farm since 1913. The building was originally made for entertain senior officials, now becoming history museum where is full of memories of thriving age of logging.




7th Floor – Exhibition Area

Spacious Space, Comfortable Sofa, Retro Atmosphere, As If Walking into the Tunnel of Time.
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1913 Wooden Antique Office

The Spiritual Place Belongs to This Land

Room 716: The Footprint of History

本房為展示當年日治時期的總督等高級官員房間內部佈置,也是賓館目前仍唯一保存的傳統日式風格的房間,房間內以日本塌塌米鋪設,床上並設有泡茶用茶几 ...


Former Counter

The Former Counter made of Taiwan Cypress was built in the style of 1960s-1970s, which shows the aesthetics of the era. It is the place for reception from Japanese-colonial period to 2012, containing the memories of early age.

6th Floor - Display Area

The one- hundred- year-old former counter was made of Taiwan Cypress.
Forest Railway Model
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The 50’s Coffee Shop

The 50’s Coffee Shop was the ballroom where only serviced senior officials and honored guest. Now it opens to every guest, retaining the atmosphere of old time in Night Shanghai, such as lights, windows, and retro disc player.

The 50s
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